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At Shepherd's Glen, we offer an environment which is unlike typical boarding facilities. Safety is our foremost concern, but we want your dog feeling at home, comfortable and ready to play! 

Please take a moment to review our Lodging Requirements & Guidelines.



Your dog will have their own individual apartment during their stay with us. You can bring your dog's bed, toys and food/water bowls. All items will stay out of general circulation. Your dog's apartment is their place for solitude, comfort and quiet time.


Lodging Requirements & Guidelines

Boarding Agreement

Play Yards


We have several exercise yards at Shepherd's Glen to allow time for the dogs to stretch their legs, enjoy the good weather and do their business outside. They will either go out privately or in predetermined play groups. Your dog will never go out unsupervised. 



Shepherd's Glen is home to some very playful, yet well-behaved Australian Shepherds (part of the reason for our name) who love nothing more than playing with new friends. Once we've determined it's a good situation for your dog to be "part of the family" they will mix and mingle with the residents. If you'd like to see more about the Shepherd's Glen Aussies, please visit:  Watson Dogs

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