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"I love you too much to let you behave badly." This is the overriding thought we have at Shepherd's Glen around how our own dogs behave. It's because we love our dogs that we continually work with them on their behavior and discipline them when they step out of line. A well-trained, well-adjusted dog is a joy to have as part of your life. We've found that our Aussies thrive mentally and are much happier with guidance and structure. The same is true for any dog.


If you are very specific in how you interact with your dog or are working on curbing some bad behaviors, we will continue your training while you're gone. We understand it's imperative to keep a dog in tune with what's necessary for your family life. If you need assistance with some improper behavior you're seeing, we can make some suggestions. We'll work with you and your dog to make some adjustments. If a more serious program is needed, we can discuss training sessions. We want to see you and your furry friends enjoying life together.

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