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Shepherd's Glen utilizes 4' X 4' apartments for feeding and sleeping quarters. When you combine dogs who are not familiar with each other, not allowing them their own personal "safe" place can result in sqabbles and potential injuries. All dogs eat and sleep in their apartments to afford them the safest and most relaxed environment possible. Most incidents with dogs occur over food and territory. By providing each dog a safe area that is theirs alone, we give them a zone they can feel comfortable relaxing and eating within and we cut down on the potetial for any incidents to occur.
Our guest apartments are heavy duty metal construction kennels with safety for all in mind. Raised beds are available for added comfort and warmth. We like the dogs to interact with each other, but if your dog enjoys quiet time, dividers can be inserted to provide them some privacy. Please feel free to bring the things your dog enjoys at home; beds, bowls, toys, treats. We accept a limited number of guests at a time, so it's easy for us to provide the environment your dog prefers and to make sure their things are for their use only. 
Cleanliness is of utmost importance. Water bowls and food bowls are designated for your dog during their stay, but are also rinsed and washed daily. The apartments are cleansed thoroughly between guests. Floors are mopped frequently.
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