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In addition to Lodging, we offer several services to help our clients with their pet care needs. We want to help make your life easier when and where we can. The safety and wellfare of our pets, our furry guests and ourselves is of utmost importance to us.

Please take a moment to review our Lodging Requirements & Guidelines.

Pick-Up & Drop-Off


Getting out of town can be quite an ordeal. So many errands to run, so little time. If you're hard pressed to get it all done, we can make arrangements to pick-up your dog and/or drop them off to you. 


   Within 20 miles of SG - $25 round trip

   Airport Trip - $40 round trip

   Further than 20 miles - negotiated rate


The Shepherd's Glen Guest Shuttle is a full-size Toyota Sequoia, so we can comfortably and safely transport even the heftiest dog or the largest pack.  


Baths &
Professional Grooming


If your dog is with us 5 days or more, we will bathe your dog prior to them returning home. This is part of the service for a longer stay. The play can get serious and sometimes messy here. We want your dog going home smelling fresh and feeling good. This is just a thorough cleansing bath. We do not offer professional grooming services.


If you would like us to arrange for a professional grooming session for your dog while they are with us, we have a relationship with a mobile groomer who can provide the service while you're out of town. 

Specialized Care


If your dog requires medicines or special treatments, we have no problem continuing those while you are away. Depending on the amount of time and care needed, we may have to discuss an additional fee, but for administering routine shots, pills, heartworm treatment, flea treatment, etc. there is no extra charge. We will make sure this is covered up front prior to your dog's stay.


Both Renee and Mike have had many years of animal care experience both personally and professionally. We are quite familiar with the administration of various types of medicines and vaccines. 

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