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Policies & Pricing

Shepherd's Glen is our home. For us to maintain an environment that's comfortable for all residents and visitors we have a few requirements to which all must adhere. Please review to determine if Shepherd's Glen is the right place for your dog to stay. Please let us know if you have any questions around any of these points.


Please review our Boarding Agreement. Every dog staying with us must have a completed copy of this form on file.

Pre-Screening Requirements

  • Pre-Screening - All dogs must be pre-screened prior to an overnight stay. Shepherd's Glen is a social environment and we need to be sure all dogs staying with us interact well with people and other dogs. Dog's will be housed next to and may play outside with other dogs. Signs of aggression will not be tolerated. Safety for all is our foremost concern.

  • Sizing - We have different size dogs visiting us. Large dogs will not as a rule be allowed with smaller dogs. If during your prescreen, we determine your small dog plays well and can handle larger dogs, we will consider mixing sizes, but dogs are never left unsupervised in a group.

  • Health - All dogs must be in reasonably good health and have no contagious illnesses or conditions.

  • Pests - All dogs must be on a flea, tick and heartworm prevention program.

  • Vaccinations - All dogs must provide current vaccination records; Rabies, DHLPP and Bordatella.

  • Females - Girls in heat will not be allowed to stay at Shepherd's Glen.

  • Males - Intact males will be considered on a limited basis. We realize very few boarding facilities will take them. I've owned, trained and shown intact boys for over 17 years. We can accept them on a limited basis after a thorough prescreen and based upon the other scheduled guests.






Lodging Guidelines

  • Barking - Excessive barking will not be tolerated. Dogs will bark when playing and when they're excited, we're fine with that, but a dog who goes outside or while in their apartment continually barks will be considered excessive. We are experienced trainers and will try all other methods to discourage and modify the behavior, but if a dog persists in non-stop barking, bark collars may be necessary to maintain a peaceful environment for us and our neighbors.

  • Food - Recommended practice is to bring enough of your dog's food for their stay. It helps prevent stomach upset. If you need us to provide the food, we feed a high-quality kibble and will put your dog on the same diet, but must adjust the price per night.

  • Personal Items - We know it's important to your dog and you that they have the personal items with them which would help their stay be more comfortable. We welcome things like beds, toys and bowls. We will be sure these items are for their use only and will be sure all are returned upon pickup.

Shepherd's Glen reserves the right to protect the health and safety of ourselves, our clients and the other pets in our care. We reserve the right to refuse services or admittance to any dog who does not meet the above requirements.

Service Prices

Please ask questions

Lodging per Night ....................................  $40
Lodging & Food per Night ......................  $45

Multiple Pet Discount

    Two Dogs, Same Family .....................   $60

    Three Dogs, Same Family...................   $75


Discounts Offered

Stay 10 Nights ....................    11th Night Free  

Refer a New Client to Us ..........  1 Night Free  

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